Shall We Tango
About Shall We Tango NYC
Tango is described as "souls sharing a dance with the same rhythm at the same time."

"A three minute romance," filled with passion and adventure, Tango is beloved around the world.

The Shall We Tango NY festival was created in 2014, in recognition of PAMAR's 30th Anniversary, to promote Latin American culture through a series of world-class Tango events presented at some of New York City's leading theaters and institutions. Our goal is to promote Tango, educate New Yorkers about the diversity of Tango styles and strengthen our community through the artform's universal "embrace."

About Pamar

PAMAR (Pan American Musical Art Research) is a 501(c) (3) organization, founded in 1984  in New York City by Uruguayan born pianist Polly Ferman. It has taken significant steps toward establishing itself as an artistic resource center by promoting awareness of and appreciation for the cultures of Latin America through sponsorship and presentation of multi-disciplinary performances and events to a broad audience of all ages, and racial, cultural and economic backgrounds in the tri-state area, in collaboration with local arts and culture organizations.
PAMAR's mission is to share the rich cultural heritage of Latin America and the Latin American diaspora by showcasing dance, film, music, literature, theatre, visual and performing arts, representing or influenced by Latin American culture, and by doing so, providing increased exposure and performing opportunities for Latino artists.